XMLSPORTS is a utility that outputs live sports scores and statistics in SportsML (XML) format.

Current functionality includes collection of NFL, NBA, MLB, College FB, College BB, and NHL scores, and scores publishing via email. Enhancements will include RSS publishing, as well as configurable support for sports schedules, statistics, standings, whatever SportsML supports.


Taking a cue from XMLTV, the proper architecture for retrieving data is to write the application standalone, allowing the output to be used in downstream applications (including publishers). Anyone running XMLSPORTS has free access to SportsML-formatted content, and they can build their applications on that known data format. I am primarily interested in scores-by-email-to-my-phone, and RSS feeds of scores/standings/top performers, etc. (for inclusion in web pages)


XMLSPORTS is written in Java. The output format is SportsML 1.0. Despite it's wordiness, SportsML is the best platform for delivering sports data (I considered using plain RSS, but that would be cramming sports data into a "news"-like-format). And making up yet another xml format would be re-inventing the wheel.

My source for up-to-the-minute sports scores is ESPN's wireless site. See the NFL scores page. Also see the front page for the ESPN wireless site. Plans include using www.sportsnetwork.com as a data source.


See the SourceForge XMLSPORTS project page. Current version is 0.01, released December 12, 2003. (It's a prototype - data is collected into SportsML, and an email publisher is available to send condensed scores)
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I can be reached at jonjulian at earthlink.net.